JT Mitchell

More About Cat Capacity:


Cat Capacity was developed using Unreal Engine. It was a competitor for the GDWC 2021 Game of the year and a finalist for the November 2021 Indie Platinum Award.

Developed and shipped in two months Cat Capacity was a first for me in several regards. Cat Capacity was my first Game Jam Competition project. Initially intended for the 2021 Epic Megajam, it was unable to compete. In the final moments a critical build error causing the AI to break was discovered and found in all version control saves. This taught me not only the value of version control but also the value of running thorough tests on backed up versions within it.

Cat Capacity was also my first time experimenting with the "build out loud" approach in which I submitted gifs and updates to Twitter every Wednesday and Friday during its development. I found this approach to be a critical motivating factor as well as a valuable marketing approach.

Last but certainly not least Cat Capacity was my first time building a game for somebody else (my wife). I initially conecepted out ideas with my wife and ran all final creative decisions past her before settling on any of them. I learned a great deal about design decisions from having her test the project regularly. This experience has me convinced that in my future projects I would like to include more people in the creative process.

After its initial release in November 2021, Cat Capacity also became my first project utilizing multi-user data. In the "Baddest Grandma" update I added leaderboards and achievements utilizing the Steamworks API and referencing an Unreal plugin developed by Artur.

Tools Used:

Unreal Engine, Unreal Engine Blue Print System, Steamworks API, Blender, Substance Painter, Android Phone (audio recordings) and Inkscape.

Play it now on Steam:


Making of Cat Capacity:

Watch nine weeks of development compressed down to two minutes.
A compilation of all of the making of gifs originally posted to Twitter as part of my build out loud approach.
Zak Trapp plays Cat Capacity.